Recommended reads: 5 books about hearing loss worth reading

Last Updated29-08-2019

Become a hearing loss guru with these essential reads.
When it comes to reading about hearing loss, you might not know where to begin. We’ve compiled a list of a few books you can find that will expand your knowledge on the subject.

Most of what you’ll find below are personal accounts from individuals who have been impacted by hearing loss and want to share their story with others.

Hear Your Life: Inspiring Stories and Honest Advice for Overcoming Hearing Loss

By: Melissa Kay Rodriguez

In Hear Your Life, Melissa Kay Rodriguez explains how it feels to have hearing loss, and tells the heartwarming stories of several people that have managed to find life-changing hearing solutions. The book also contains a resource guide and answers to frequently asked questions

The Train in the Night

By: Nick Coleman

Nick Coleman sheds a new light on the way we interpret and are affected by sound. As a musician, the news of his sudden neurosensory hearing loss was not easy to accept.

In The Train in the Night, Nick Coleman goes back to the roots of music and the creation of sound to understand music in a different light.

Rewiring Tinnitus

By: Glenn Schweitzer

Rewiring Tinnitus is not your typical book offering a miracle cure. Rather, it is an intriguing and poignant look into the life of an individual who chose to control the condition - and not let the condition control him. 

Through trial and error in his own life, the author has managed to develop actionable tools and techniques. He now shares them with other individuals going through tinnitus and Meniere's Disease - and has since become a coach for individuals with these conditions. Glenn serves on the Vestibular Disorders Association and is also a thought leader on Meniere's Disease.  

Living with Hearing Loss

By: Marcia Dugan

This is a cohesive and extremely helpful guide for going about your day without letting hearing loss impair you. At its core, Living with Hearing Loss is essential advice from one hearing aid wearer to another. Marcia Dugan uses her personal know-how to provide examples and tips on doing anything from living alone to speaking to physicians. 

Invisible: My Journey Through Vision and Hearing Loss

By: Ruth Silver

Invisible defies the odds of what it means to have a rich, fulfilling life. Ruth Silver, who grew up with undiagnosed vision loss and hearing loss, talks about her challenges and overcoming of the darkness and silence. She mentions her founding of the Center for Deaf-Blind Persons in Milwaukee and her love story.