Stay connected with a spouse with hearing loss

Stay Connected with a Partner with Hearing Loss

Last Updated10/06/2020

Do you have a partner who suffers from hearing loss? Practice how to stay connected, engaged and build a healthy relationship during the coronavirus.

It’s important to foster and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner during lockdown

With or without perfect hearing, marriage is an ever-changing and evolving journey that takes two to nurture and strengthen. During COVID-19 lockdowns, it is essential that you both focus on effective communication and enjoying each other’s company when you’re stuck at home together. Use this unprecedented time and experience to bond and create fond memories to look back on, down the track.

Even though life as you know it has changed for the time being, you need to make sure that you and your partner can provide each other with support and companionship, during these trying times. As hearing is an essential part of everyday communication, there are ways for you to keep nurturing your relationship while overcoming any perceived obstacles that may stand in your way.

Audiologist having a session with hearing challenged woman

Enlist the help of a hearing specialist

At bloom™ hearing specialists, we believe better hearing starts with listening.

If your partner is taking the first step towards improving their hearing, try to understand that this may be an exciting time for some and a little daunting for others.

Whether you are booking a new appointment for your partner or it’s time for a check-up, you can provide support by accompanying them to our clinic – four ears are always better than two. Our hearing specialists will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their hearing loss.

family spending quality time together

Enjoy each other’s companionship and spend quality time together

As the years go on, it can be easy for couples to fall into a comfortable rhythm where you may be in the same room but not be spending actual quality time together. Use this time to explore hobbies you both enjoy or pursue interests that spark excitement in each other. A great “date night” can be had without leaving your house.

This can be as simple as cooking a new recipe together or watching your favourite movie together.

You can also change things up by working on a new jigsaw puzzle or playing a boardgame and sitting at a table across from each other. Not only will it get your brain ticking, but the face-to-face setting will help to build better and more effective communication, while being in a relaxed environment.

family playing card game together

Stay positive and keep communicating openly

If you’re not used to being confined at home together all day, every day, it can be challenging at the start. By keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humour as you go about your day, or when communication breaks down, you will be encouraging your partner to remain comfortable and confident around you.

Share laughs and funny stories with your friends and family, be your partner’s biggest advocate.

Even if you’re having a bit of an off day, it’s still a good idea to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner. By being honest and intimate with each other, you’re also building trust and practicing open communication, which are core foundations to staying connected.