bloom™ CONNECT

Our range of hearing health services that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

What is bloom™ CONNECT?

Your health and wellbeing is and always will be our primary focus. This is why we are very pleased to introduce bloom™ CONNECT– a range of hearing health services offered over the phone or video conference.

This way, you can be supported in the comfort of your own home – without compromising the hearing health service you need.

Our qualified hearing health experts are ready to speak to you about your issues and resolve them over the phone or by using new remote fitting technologies.


With innovative remote care technology, you can get your hearing aids adjusted, even fitted, by our remote care clinician without leaving home.
We understand, life is busy. With phone consultations, let us fit around your schedule.

Supporting You Remotely

We have launched a range of services to support you over the phone and will be able to support your hearing health remotely with the following services:

  • You can have your review appointment over the phone (or via video conference) with your hearing health specialist.
  • If you are new to hearing aids, we can book you in for an initial consultation with a hearing health specialist – over the phone or using video conference.
  • We can adjust your existing hearing aids (selected brands) if you have a smart phone – you just need to download an app and we will do the rest.
  • We can even fit you with new hearing aids with the innovative remote care technology.

We made a promise to support you and your hearing health and will continue to do so in these unprecedented times.

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