Lost or damaged hearing aids

Don’t worry – it happens!

Accidents happen to all of us. We are here to make sure, you get your hearing supported as quickly as possible.

Your hearing aids may be covered under your home insurance. (If you haven’t got cover already, maybe this is a good time
to look at your options).

What do I do?

If you have lost your hearing aids, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Contact your local bloom™ hearing clinic on 0800 522 422

We can provide you with the details of your hearing aid and may be able to support you with a temporary device if there are any urgent needs.

2. Contact your insurance company and request a cash settlement for your hearing aids.

By requesting a cash settlement, you can choose bloom™ hearing as your hearing provider, also we are able to look at the latest hearing aids for you rather than replacing with potentially outdated technology. This way you may get improved functionality and sound experience.

3. Book an appointment with our audiologist to try the latest hearing aids.

With your cash settlement, our clinicians can ensure you get the latest technology with the right device to suit your listening needs.

What if I am told I need to go to another provider?

In NZ you have the right to choose your health provider. Your insurance company may have registered providers that they refer to, but by seeking a cash settlement you are able to select bloom™ hearing as your hearing provider.

We know you and your hearing issues and will be able to provide you with the best support, quickly.

My hearing aids are not covered by insurance what do I do?

Don’t worry – we are here to help.

Contact one of our bloom™ hearing clinics for an appointment and we will discuss funding or other purchase options you have to replace your hearing aids.