Hearing aids now make the smartphone even smarter

Your perfect hearing is just a couple of taps away. Control what you hear and how loudly you hear it—all from the palm of your hand!

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Your sound, how you want to hear it

You know how these days you can control just about everything with an app on your smartphone? Well, you can now do that with your hearing as well.

Today’s hearing aids seamlessly connect with an app, so that you can set it up to your specific needs and wants. Then simply charge them overnight and you’re good to go again in the morning.

You can control everything—from which sounds you want to highlight, to the volume of specific sounds. Everything is intuitive, so your hearing can function as you want it in unique circumstances. The power of your ears really is in your hands.

See and hear what technology can do for you

We don’t just want you to believe us, we want you to experience it for yourself. Come in today for a free trial to see how easy it is to put your hearing back in your control.

We will ensure you get the best sound possible, and that you understand how to use your hearing aid and integrated app.

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