Wireless gadgets will help you hear

Even in crowded noisy places, being on the phone, watching TV or riding along in your car. You can choose how you want to hear.

Get more out of your hearing aids with wireless accessories

Even when you're in crowded noisy places, being on the phone, watching TV or riding along in your car, you can choose how you want to hear.

Get crystal clear sound directly into your hearing aids.

We offer a wide range of wireless accessories to help you make the most of your hearing. 

See below for a small selection of how our accessories can help you and don't hesitate to get in touch for more information. 


Discretely turning the conversation up and down 

When chatting to a friend in a noisy place you can use this device to turn of the background noise to focus on the conversation, adjusting the volume or other programs for your hearing aids.

In this way you choose which sounds you want to hear and the ones you want to shut out.

It is small enough to fit on a keychain or to keep in your pocket with nobody noticing.

Stream calls from mobile phones to hearing aids

Do you ever have problems hearing conversations on your mobile phone? This device is the answer!

An compact device for streaming conversations directly from mobile phones to hearing aids, simply insert into the jack plug of the phone and it is ready to use. 

Talk hands-free on your mobile

Take things one step further by using this device to both listen to conversations on your mobile and also talk hands-free without having to hold your phone. 

Stream sound directly from mobile phones, iPads and even your computer.

You can listen to Youtube videos or Skype your friends all directly through your hearing aids. 

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