Protect your hearing in a noisy world

Being able to hear throughout your life makes a big difference in the long run.

Get advice on how you can keep your hearing fit.

See how you can protect your ears against noise in your everyday life
Listening to music and looking after your ears at the same time is possible.

See how you can enjoy music and protect your hearing.

Looking after your hearing

Your hearing is a precious gift. You only have two ears and it is important to take good care of them.

Look after you ears with Hearing Healthcare Services from bloom hearing. It is free of charge. Want to know more? Call us on FREE Call 0800 533 433 or book an appointment online.

Sudden loss of hearing

If your hearing disappears suddenly it should be addressed immediately by your GP or a hearing specialist in the private sector.

bloomâ„¢ hearing can also advise on activity-related threats to your hearing.

These include: defending your ears in sports-related activities such as well as guarding against hearing damage in the workplace and around the home. 

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