What happens at my appointment?

Our qualified hearing specialists will conduct a hearing health check at your appointment and this usually takes 10-15 minutes.

This is usually the first step most people take to identify if they have a hearing loss or not.

Once the hearing health check is complete, your hearing specialist will explain your hearing results and and offer a personalised recommendation based on your circumstance.

What to bring to my appointment?

While you can attend the appointment by yourself, we highly recommend asking a family member or a close friend to come along so we can have a deeper and more comprehensive discussion.

Also, please bring your:

  • Concession card
  • Current hearing aids (if applicable)
  • Past hearing test results / audiogram (if applicable)

Can I try on the hearing aids for free?

Yes, you can certainly try on the hearing aids for free and get the full sound experience!

Your hearing specialist will explain the different types of hearing aids and how they work. Some advanced hearing aids can connect to telephones, mobiles and even the TV! 

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