Hearing aids from bloom hearing specialists all over New Zealand

We have bloom hearing specialists all over New Zealand! Our audiology services are situated in more than 20 locations. Find your preferred bloom hearing center by using the search field or navigate the map. 

4 steps to better hearing
            1. FREE hearing test
            2. Finding the right hearing solution for you
            3. FREE fit of hearing aids
            4. Free instant hearing aid trial

In our clinics we will test your hearing for free. Following your test, our hearing specialist will discuss your results with you and answer any questions that you may have. At bloom hearing we offer FREE instant trial which will enable you to try on a pair of hearing aids instantly, take them home and test how they fit in with your lifestyle – no strings attached. 

You can talk to our audiologists about hearing aid prices and clarify the cost of a hearing aid. 

You can read more about what to expect from your first consultation with us here.

Prior to booking an appointment, you are welcome to try our free online hearing test. 

At bloom hearing we understand that people have different types of hearing loss. We are ready to have a talk with you about Tinnitus therapy and you can download our free tinnitus folder here.

 Together, we will find the perfect hearing solution for your lifestyle.