Why Bloom?

At bloom™, we make living with hearing loss more comfortable by empowering our clients to make the right decisions about their hearing solutions.

bloom™ hearing clinics are staffed by fully qualified and accredited hearing specialists and dedicated customer service staff. 

We have a commitment to ongoing measurement and improvement of engagement.

Our service exists for all New Zealanders 18 years and older.

We are committed to service excellence, we listen to our customers and we use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to facilitate any improvements.

Does size matter?

It all depends on who you are. Many people are worried about what others will think of them if they notice that they are using hearing aids.

Increasing number of people using hearing aids

However, today it is more and more common to meet people with hearing aids due to the noisy world we live in. Many young people suffers from hearing loss as they are exposed to noise constantly.

Small & discreet

Hearing aids are not what they used to be. If you have an image of big beige hearing aids whistling in the ear you can rest assure that this belongs in the past. 

There are so many possibilities of getting aids that are comfortable with true-to-life sound, and at the same time, being so small that only you will know you're wearing them.

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