Hearing is believing
We believe in a lifetime of listening

Our Story

For over a decade, our clinics have supported local communities -
educating & supporting New Zealanders with hearing concerns.

As the retail arm of WSA in Australia and New Zealand, we offer premium customer service and high quality hearing aids and accessories - helping
 hearing and tinnitus impaired people worldwide.

Formed in 2019 through the merger of Sivantos (Singapore) and Widex (Denmark) , WS Audiology combines over 140 years of experience in pioneering better solutions to help people with hearing loss.

Our People

Our teams of highly qualified audiologists, clinicians & hearing care coordinators are here to support you on your hearing journey. 

Everyone at bloom™ hearing understands the importance of hearing and its impact on everyday lives and is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service. 

We listen, learn and put into practice the very best solutions for the hearing needs of our communities. 

Come and see your friendly neighbourhood bloom™ hearing specialist!

Our Customers

It's all about you! 

Whether your hearing loss is age-related, due to exposure to noise or any other factor, we're here to make it simple to get you back to hearing the sounds you love.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of audiological services, from free hearing checks and a chance to try any of our hearing aids - free; to fitting and maintenance of your hearing aids. 

Did you know we also provide tinnitus testing and counselling?

Whether you need new hearing aid batteries, to recycle your old hearing aids or an earwax removal, our friendly team will go above and beyond to ensuring your hearing health needs are met!

Take the first step to better hearing and book your free hearing check today:


Working at bloom™hearing

Our growing team is always on the look out for talented audiologists, hearing experts and business specialists so we can help even more people support their hearing health. 

You'll work with top experts in their fields, get fantastic support & flexibility to develop your career, and make life-long connections in a rewarding industry.