cleaning your hearing aids

Taking Care Of Your Hearing Aids

Last Updated15/09/2022

Taking care of your hearing aids will help you extend their life, and let you enjoy the sounds around you for longer. Check out our tips to keep your hearing aids.

1)      How do I clean my hearing aid?

A simple cloth or tissue can be used to wipe down the hearing aids. A brush can be used to help remove more stubborn or stuck debris if necessary.

Refer to the User Guide that came with your hearing aid for more details. Gently clean your hearing aid with a soft, dry towel. Alcohol, solvents or cleaning products cause damage.

If you need immediate assistance, you can call us at 0800 522 422 .


2)      How often should I clean my hearing aids?

Cleaning your hearing aids more frequently will help keep them in the best condition possible. Generally a good practice is cleaning them once every morning before you put them on.


3)      How often does the wax filter need to be changed?

It varies depending on how much wax your ear produces. Estimates range from once per week, to once every few months. Inspect the wax filter frequently, and change when wax or other debris becomes noticeable.


4)      How do I clean the vent?

Use a thin wire or the cleaning brush that comes with your hearing aid to clear the vent. If using a thin wire, insert it into one end, and push it through until it comes out the other end. Be sure to wipe off any debris with a cloth or tissue before removing the wire from the vent.


5)      Important for Behind-the-Ear hearing aids:

Always separate the earpiece from the hearing aid before cleaning it. The hearing aid should never come into contact with water! When you connect the earpiece to your hearing aid, it has to be absolutely dry.

It is best to dry the tube with a puff of air using an air puffer (do not blow air through the tube from your mouth). You can get this inexpensive accessory from your local bloom™ hearing specialists store.