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Southern Cross Health Society Members' Offer

At bloom™ hearing, we believe in creating a lifetime of better hearing for our customers. We have partnered up with Southern Cross Health Society to offer the perfect hearing care plan to their members. Via our partnership we ensure every member receives the opportunity for regular hearing checks, the opportunity to try on hearing aids and solutions tailored to their specific needs. We also offer a significant discount on hearing aids – 25% off.

Exclusive Southern Cross Hearing Plan includes:

  • A complimentary 30 minute hearing check*, including an audiometric check to ascertain the softest levels of sound you can hear across a range of pitches
  • A follow-up complimentary diagnostic test if the initial hearing check shows further investigation is required. The diagnostic test includes a complete audiogram, speech discrimination testing to check how clearly you understand words at soft levels, and tympanometry (a test of the middle ear system) as required. Reports are provided for your GP as required.
  • 25% off Widex and Signia hearing aids**.
  • Offer available to all Southern Cross Members over the age of 25 as well as family members of Southern Cross Members who are aged 50 years and above.

This exclusive members' only special is available upon presentation of your Southern Cross member card at a selected bloom™ hearing clinics. To book your appointment call 0800 522 422, quoting your Southern Cross Health Society Membership Number or book online.

Terms and Conditions


  • Complimentary hearing assessment available upon presentation of Southern Cross Member card at appointment.
  • For family member offers, the family member should provide the name, contact number, and membership number of Southern Cross member at the appointment.
  • Diagnostic assessments may require a separate appointment to the initial hearing check appointment.
  • Diagnostic assessments exclude, wax removal, tinnitus assessments, and paediatric assessments.
  • Appointments are subject to availability and location. Offer not valid at affiliated clinics (Focus Hearing).
  • Offer available once every 12 months for all members under any Southern Cross Health Society policy aged over 25 years (excludes travel insurance, life insurance and pet insurance policy holders).
  • Additional assessment appointments will be charged at market rate.


  • 25% off selected Widex and Signia hearing aids only and are based on a hearing needs assessment and subject to availability.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  • The selected hearing aids can only be bought by the member for their individual use. Ear moulds and accessories may incur additional charges and charged at marked rate.
  • All hearing aid purchases include a 60 day no risk return period.
  • Available for Southern Cross Health Society policy members only aged over 25 (excludes travel insurance, life insurance and pet insurance policy holders.